Practice Charter

  • At Glen Road Medical Centre we will show courtesy and respect to all our patients, respecting all diversity.
  • We will endeavour to answer all queries, in person or by telephone, patiently and efficiently.
  • Patients have the right to information about their health, and our clinical staff will offer medical advice and information for the promotion of good health. Patients may view their medical records, subject to the limitations of the law. A charge for this may be made.
  • Home visits will be made on request, and if the doctor thinks you are not well enough to attend the surgery. However, the final decision about a visit rests with the doctor.
  • Test results will be given out only to the person concerned, except for under 16s, or where other arrangements have been made by the administration staff. You will be informed if a doctor wishes you to make an appointment to discuss them. In some circumstances, you may receive a text to your mobile 'phone from the doctor advising you of your results.
  • New patients will be offered a health screening appointment with the nurse.
  • Patients will be given time to see a doctor in accordance with national guidelines. If a doctor believes you would benefit from a second opinion, he/she will arrange it.
  • Repeat prescriptions will normally be ready for collection within two working days, following the receipt of a patient's written request. These can be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.
  • We strive to ensure that a supervisor or other manager is always available to deal with issues that may arise. If not, a mutually convenient time will be arranged to discuss the matter.

Patient Responsibilities

  • Patients are asked to treat all doctors and staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Please keep telephone calls brief and to the point. As the first hour of surgery is particularly busy, please make routine calls a little later in the morning. However, calls requesting a home visit should be made between 8:30am and 10:30 am, where possible.
  • Patients are requested to let a receptionist know if there are any changes to personal details i.e. a change of address or telephone number. It is important that surgery records are kept up to date. Certain alterations will require proof of evidence.
  • When an appointment or acknowledgement of a routine referral for a hospital has not been received within four weeks, patients should contact the hospital concerned.
  • Patients are reminded that, once they have made an appointment to see any clinician, they will be expected to attend on time for that appointment. Failure to do so will be recorded on their medical records. If for any reason, they are unable to keep the appointment, the surgery must be notified to allow another patient to take that booking. Should patients continue to fail to attend booked appointments without notification, they will be referred to the administrator to discuss the problem.
  • Patients should not contravene the practice's zero tolerance policy.

Our Patient Participation Group (PPG) meets quarterly and includes representatives from the staff, to share information and ideas about maintaining and improving the services we offer. We are very keen to be a group who are truly representative of the patients who are registered at the Surgery.

We welcome any registered patient, aged 16 years and over, who believes they can offer constructive feedback with regard to the services offered at Glen Road Medical Centre and has a genuine interest in being involved in the future development of the Practice.

The meeting is conducted once every 4 months and if interested in taking part please contact the Reception supervisor (Please note: this is not a forum to discuss personal issues).

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